Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy Days... AGAIN!?

No, not really- but more busy. Busy than ever.
One of those times where you really want to commit suicide or something (it's sarcasm, don't be alarmed). So looks like it *might* take a while for next upload on flute... but I actually got a lot to record on board. Now it makes me want to play them more! But again, too much work... -_-a
Really, I have like 10minutes at most for whatever I want to do. The rest of 23hrs, 50min is occupied by work, meals, and sleep. period.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy Times

Very busy these days. I'm sure you noticed of my lack of video uploads and new entries... This year's going to be hard, I guess;; Now let's not be so down because there aren't much uploads. It just means that each video will be better than ever (the longer the preparation, the better quality). Right ? It's quality not quantity, right? Right...? (trying to find solace for myself here...)

So I'm not sure when I would upload my next flute recording. Things like Demystify Feast, Reach the Moon Immortal Smoke, and Native Faith are very hard. And there really aren't any other pieces that I'd play. Maybe I should upload one today (I'm not guaranteeing at all).