Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HUGE Touhou Music Sheets Pack Download

This is quite a big pack... I am not the one who created those sheets!
All I did was collect individual sheets/smaller packs, and put them together
in a sort-of organized way.

Download Pack

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect, Collaboration

Yay! The video I was talking about is finally here!
it was hard making this vid (first time collaborating),
but I think it turned out pretty well ^^;
Thanks tatsuo!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anyone can comment now!!

Good news! Anyone can comment now! No need to have an ID or have a member thingy anymoar.
I should've known that there was an option for anyone to comment in the beginning D: sorry T^T
Well, I hope it's not too late to get comments now :d

A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander

The 12th Touhou game!! At first, I was worried because of the title (UFO?). Although the art was good, he explained that it was due to Maikaze, so he couldn't help it (are my facts straight?)
Nonetheless, I was beginning to worry about ZUN drinking over his limits... until the demo came out. And oh lord. The title theme was back to its original tune (SA was REALLY different for some reason...), but it had a weird twist to it (synth? dunno), and I loved it!!! So the first time I ran the demo, I was going up and down the menu for a minute, admiring the title theme and the new graphics for menu selection (I like the slanted green strips).
After that, I tried Reimu B (Read that B was homing. I can only play with homing :3)
And then I was captivated by the 1st stage theme.... Then when Nazrin (as a boss) poped out with her theme, I was like... REALLY!?
I'd say it's the best stage 1 theme ever! Really loved that guitar part... overall, the whole thing was excellent! And so, I played it on my flute. Thankfully, a sheet for Nazrin's theme came out as a video on nice the day the demo came out (thank you!).

Srsly, I love this.
Not only that, I found that Stage 3 theme was just too damn good to be true (it's already in my favs...). Stage2, tatara, and UNZANs' themes were not too bad either- all catchy. So I think ZUN's music got better too (not just art, which I really don't mind). If this keeps up, I can't wait for the final boss theme, extra stage theme, and extra boss's theme +_+

Alice in Wonderland and Nuclear Fusion (final version)

Yes! My third "complete" peice was uploaded. However, I myself can't stand listening to it after 1/2 of the video (it's really out of tune...) I should've done a last check before I finished the recording D: