Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Years!

Ha! I know not a single person in this world would've seen this post coming.
Me neither.
Unfortunately, probably no one would either way even after this gets posted...

Anyways, I just felt like posting something because things have been empty. I think I have shin splints--it's my first time and I've only heard about them so I wouldn't know much. Nonetheless, I'm going to try to be careful with the leg and see if it gets better soon (I would go to the university hospital, but did I hand in that annual form for the insurance thing last semester...!?).
Also, I set a macro to spam registration for a course I've been wanting to take for like 3 months now which has been always full, and ended up getting sort of banned and now I can't register for any more courses this semester (at least through the web). Who said there was such a rule D:

And then I read some Oyasumi Punpun chapters.

Depressing day huh ._.
I wish I had my flute. Why didn't I bring it again...?