Saturday, December 26, 2009

[FlanGoY] Alice Maestra - Tohuou Flute

Merry Christmas!!
Well Christmas was really yesterday... and I feel like it has gone to waste a bit,
but still!! Hope everyone enjoyed theirs!
This is a simple, short piece presented for the sake of the holiday ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's been Ages...

It really has been a long time since I posted on my blog *^^* (At least it feels like it)
I'm kind of busy these days, flute-wise and non-flute-wise!
I've been also sick for a month now, it seems like a difficult cold to get rid of; the everyday fatigue probably isn't helping me get rid of it either;;
Well, I hope it's nothing serious like swine flu or anything...

I was bored, so I decided to change my youtube theme (colors).
From now on, I'll set the background as the portrait that relates to the upcoming (hopefully) upload. I guess people can have a little fun guessing there >_<
It's well past midnight and I should probably sleep now; well good night everyone-
Sweet dreams!

P.S: SiestaCephei (from Youtube) wanted to borrow my recording of Cinderella Cage! I thought the recording sounded pretty bad, but nonetheless this makes me quite2 happy T^Tb lol
What a coincidence though. I was just about to record the proper second version of that after One-Way Accelerator (if you remember, I removed the 2nd "complete" version of kagome-kagome because the sound didn't capture that well from parts to parts). I can assure you, this upcoming new one will be amazing!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[FlanGoY] Captain Murasa - Tohuou Flute

Captain Murasa redone (this time, following the actual theme accurately), with 5 parts!!

paprmastr232 gave me the sheet One-Way Accelerator, which was one of the pieces I couldn't find for a long while. Time to practice :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can you believe it? Cuz I can't....

I failed to record more than like 20 times now.
I hope I get to upload something soon...
so yeah, I'm still here! Although I caught a pretty bad cold recently :<

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can't Breathe!

I hope you didn't come running after taking the title literally.
I've been very very very very busy since I last mentioned it.
There's barely any time to do whatever other stuff I have to do, not to mention that distracting factors seems to be increasing day by day...
But, I am going to squeeze in a practice/recording time today or so.
Well, at least I'll try... By the way, I happened to run out of touhou musics to play (as in I don't feel like playing some particular piece).
So I'll record Native Faith (u crazy?) today and upload it if it turns out to be... good enough.
> Because i've been practicing Native Faith for a very long time, and I feel like getting rid of it or something :v meh;
---EDIT: Just kidding! I gave up T^T

Saturday, September 19, 2009

[FlanGoY] The Kappa of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke ~ Candid Friend - Tohuou Flute

Took longer than I thought. This one actually took more than a day for the first time! (normally, I start and finish all recordings within a day)
I think it came out well; Did I lower the other part's volumes a bit too much...?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[FlanGoY] Beloved Tomboyish Girl - Touhou Flute

Happy Cirno Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my time, it was actually uploaded 8:34PM or smthn. close right T^T?

Monday, September 7, 2009

[Flute] Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure

Sounds very different without the high-pitched trumpets...
Argh! I knew something was wrong when I was recording it- the tempo was set slow! Thus, I failed again to create a decent music by a little silly mistake.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Touhou Music Sheet Sites and Hisoutensoku

Since it'll be a long while before my drive gets fixed (I think it can be fixed!),
I decided to post some sites of the genius people who makes the sheets (am I allowed to?)
I never used these sites, but now that I know, I'll just use these 3 :d
I just can't give enough thanks to these awesome people T^T

You can pretty much get everything and anything using the 3 sites there...
Now my blog will no longer have any visitors... :v

Anyways, next upload will probably be the unnamed cat fish theme.
Since my mike is gone at the moment, I'll have to use the slow laptop with the built-in mic... bear with me TT

Monday, August 17, 2009

キャプテン・ムラサ - FlanGoY Flute

Second UFO piece! Not good at all, but it was pretty fun for me making this xD Also testing the youtube - post to blog thing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea

Ok, nothing went wrong for once...
The first part is what I recorded back in January.
Sorry for not abandoning it :P
Also, I gave up on the new sheet pack (lots of them are missing on this computer).
Let's hope my HDD gets fixed (I'm sure it's completely busted.. but my brains REALLY refusing to believe in that...)
It's such a big thing I don't even feel depressed (I should...)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paradise ~ Deep Mountain, and Reincarnation

Attempt really. Literally failed... ._.

About The "HUGE music sheet pack".....

I'm so sorry!!
I forgot about the 10 dl limit.... I'm so stupid ;_;
Sadly, although I wish to upload and share it with all my might (?),
I can't because the HD on my main desktop crashed yesterday (I'm not lying...)
so I don't have that huge pack D:
I'll try to make a different pack with the few I have on my laptop right now...
It might be a little different from the first one I uploaded.
And I'll find a better file hoster. Again, I'm so sorry!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HUGE Touhou Music Sheets Pack Download

This is quite a big pack... I am not the one who created those sheets!
All I did was collect individual sheets/smaller packs, and put them together
in a sort-of organized way.

Download Pack

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect, Collaboration

Yay! The video I was talking about is finally here!
it was hard making this vid (first time collaborating),
but I think it turned out pretty well ^^;
Thanks tatsuo!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anyone can comment now!!

Good news! Anyone can comment now! No need to have an ID or have a member thingy anymoar.
I should've known that there was an option for anyone to comment in the beginning D: sorry T^T
Well, I hope it's not too late to get comments now :d

A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander

The 12th Touhou game!! At first, I was worried because of the title (UFO?). Although the art was good, he explained that it was due to Maikaze, so he couldn't help it (are my facts straight?)
Nonetheless, I was beginning to worry about ZUN drinking over his limits... until the demo came out. And oh lord. The title theme was back to its original tune (SA was REALLY different for some reason...), but it had a weird twist to it (synth? dunno), and I loved it!!! So the first time I ran the demo, I was going up and down the menu for a minute, admiring the title theme and the new graphics for menu selection (I like the slanted green strips).
After that, I tried Reimu B (Read that B was homing. I can only play with homing :3)
And then I was captivated by the 1st stage theme.... Then when Nazrin (as a boss) poped out with her theme, I was like... REALLY!?
I'd say it's the best stage 1 theme ever! Really loved that guitar part... overall, the whole thing was excellent! And so, I played it on my flute. Thankfully, a sheet for Nazrin's theme came out as a video on nice the day the demo came out (thank you!).

Srsly, I love this.
Not only that, I found that Stage 3 theme was just too damn good to be true (it's already in my favs...). Stage2, tatara, and UNZANs' themes were not too bad either- all catchy. So I think ZUN's music got better too (not just art, which I really don't mind). If this keeps up, I can't wait for the final boss theme, extra stage theme, and extra boss's theme +_+

Alice in Wonderland and Nuclear Fusion (final version)

Yes! My third "complete" peice was uploaded. However, I myself can't stand listening to it after 1/2 of the video (it's really out of tune...) I should've done a last check before I finished the recording D:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures

This one's for ZUN! B)
Well, you can argue that the last picture can be an insult or something... but I had no offensive motive there.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Might be able to upload tomorrow

Yes, I'm finally going to play my flute after about 3 weeks of "no-touchies!" !
I'll try to upload tomorrow, but that means it might sound rough (since I haven't practiced at all in a while)
Hm... What peice should I do...?
Complete nuclear fusion? alice in wonderland? innocent treaures?
something completely out of the blue...?
Well, we'll al lget to figure out by tomorrow ~_~
Just don't murder me if I don't upload anything tomorrow (just in case!) lol

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reincarnation, and a Few Notes Including Surgery

Reincarnation!!!! I DO plan on making a full one soon before I forget. I actually hadd everything for the complete one before this, but decided to present a simple version first like I always do, and so that people can anticipate the "bigger" one :3
The complete version will be based on the arrangement of Reincarnation, so watch out- but that arrangement is loved more than the original (most of the times) :D

As for the "SPECIAL" video, I'll tell you now- it's a collaboration video!!! -accompanied by a pianist you all well know X3 (i think...) And the song will be Wriggle's theme, Mooned Insect!
However, it will be delayed along with all my video uploads due to my surgery (wisdom teeth removal). I will be playing flute again by early March!

Also, for TouhouFreak, I found the sheet for "Demystify Feast (Arrange)", yes, the IaMP night disc arranged version! it takes out the ridiculous piano climbs that I can't do. After this version, if I REALLY get better at flute, I'll make the original version or the arrangement from Magical Astronomy (which takes the climb a step further...)! But hey, that sounds like years to come for now. Well anyways, touhoufreak will enjoy his long wait soon :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Post as Usual :3

For all the people who come and read my blog,
thank you T^T!! (seriously, barely anyone comes... lol)

Well as a gift, I'll tell you something. Watch out for a BIG surprise soon (not sure
how long it'd take), but you'd DEFINITELY like it!! The video is going to be uploaded
most likely on my channel (if not, I'll tell you).

That's one. Next, I found out today that some user in a Korean touhou community
(a major one too) posted my videos on the site! Although I couldn't respond to them,
I was very happy to read their nice feedbacks TT. Thankyou everyone!

Finally, I've ben worrying so much about the request from "touhoufreak". It was my
very first request, yet it's not even close to being uploaded... and that peice is "Demystify Feast".
Think of the peice as Lunatic difficulty.... It's too hard. I did find an extremely simplified
easy version for it, but it's so off from sounding like it. I'm not sure if I shiould record that
since... it sounds bad (the music itself). Sorry touhoufreak!! T^T

Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion, and Romantic Children

I really like Romantic Children, more than Alice's main themes.
And as for Okuu's theme, it's up to tempo now, so all I have to do is record it again :D