Friday, July 27, 2012

Heading Back

Heading back, so I will be able to play the flute a bit.
With the little time I will have left, I'll TRY to do as much as I could.
I was planning to upload at least 1 or 2 simple songs...
and maybe ACTUALLY WORK REALLY HARD and upload daily video/audios of my practice sessions to play one legitimate song (right now looking at Native Faith or Immortal Smoke) at the end before I leave again.

Let's see how well that works out;; lol
(Cheer me on! ...except barely anyone would actually visit this blog to receive this message :v)

Bought some books while I was here. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy as much as books of new series that I wanted to start trying.
I guess some notable ones include Another (manga) 1~4
and Touhou Ibarakasen 1!
Already read half, though I'm saving the rest for the flight.

btw listening to the long awaited platinum disco while writing this ;_;
ugh so much obsession!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Desire Drive to Futatsuiwa from Sado

Two new songs from the same new game back to back. In my honest opinion, the extra stage boss theme is kinda... bad (it's still better than some other ones in there), so I don't mind having the recording come out pretty bad.

As for the stage 4 theme, it's definitely like a 4-star piece (out of 5 let's say- that means it's a very good touhou song in my library!) that didn't deserve my trippy and faltering performance. Really wish it came out better ;_;

EDIT: apparently this post didn't get posted like 11 months ago...

Satellite Café Terrace

SATELLITE CAFE TERRACE! Let's sit back, relax, and sip on our both frozen and hot coffee.

So in about 2 months, I finally pewped out (!?) a recording...

What's even worse is: I only have about a month left, but I probably won't have time to play the flute again starting like... tomorrow.
I'm SO SORRY ;_;

but actually... I'm going overseas to study some law stuff. Yup. Law stuff (btw, if I haven't mentioned it yet, I am a Computer Science major). It'd be nice if I could go and find out about the case in which my Platinum Disco was removed (I haven't forgotten!), since I am getting the choice to go learn stuff related to Intellectual Property. But I think I'm choosing Corporate-related laws instead (it's more practical...?)...
I'm SO SORRY ;_;