Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reincarnation, and a Few Notes Including Surgery

Reincarnation!!!! I DO plan on making a full one soon before I forget. I actually hadd everything for the complete one before this, but decided to present a simple version first like I always do, and so that people can anticipate the "bigger" one :3
The complete version will be based on the arrangement of Reincarnation, so watch out- but that arrangement is loved more than the original (most of the times) :D

As for the "SPECIAL" video, I'll tell you now- it's a collaboration video!!! -accompanied by a pianist you all well know X3 (i think...) And the song will be Wriggle's theme, Mooned Insect!
However, it will be delayed along with all my video uploads due to my surgery (wisdom teeth removal). I will be playing flute again by early March!

Also, for TouhouFreak, I found the sheet for "Demystify Feast (Arrange)", yes, the IaMP night disc arranged version! it takes out the ridiculous piano climbs that I can't do. After this version, if I REALLY get better at flute, I'll make the original version or the arrangement from Magical Astronomy (which takes the climb a step further...)! But hey, that sounds like years to come for now. Well anyways, touhoufreak will enjoy his long wait soon :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Post as Usual :3

For all the people who come and read my blog,
thank you T^T!! (seriously, barely anyone comes... lol)

Well as a gift, I'll tell you something. Watch out for a BIG surprise soon (not sure
how long it'd take), but you'd DEFINITELY like it!! The video is going to be uploaded
most likely on my channel (if not, I'll tell you).

That's one. Next, I found out today that some user in a Korean touhou community
(a major one too) posted my videos on the site! Although I couldn't respond to them,
I was very happy to read their nice feedbacks TT. Thankyou everyone!

Finally, I've ben worrying so much about the request from "touhoufreak". It was my
very first request, yet it's not even close to being uploaded... and that peice is "Demystify Feast".
Think of the peice as Lunatic difficulty.... It's too hard. I did find an extremely simplified
easy version for it, but it's so off from sounding like it. I'm not sure if I shiould record that
since... it sounds bad (the music itself). Sorry touhoufreak!! T^T

Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion, and Romantic Children

I really like Romantic Children, more than Alice's main themes.
And as for Okuu's theme, it's up to tempo now, so all I have to do is record it again :D