Friday, March 26, 2010

感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind - FlanGoY Flute

It's finally here! Not as great as I planned it to be, but oh wells... New lesson learned: start recording something, finish it ASAP without any delays.
Emotional Skyscraper has beautiful melody with simplicity.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

無間の鐘 ~ Infinite Nightmare - FlanGoY Flute

The video description looks like the blog entry :o ....
Yay!, here's the newest pieces from ZUN, delivered at a slight lesser pace than that of the tengu's (unfortunately due to the hurricane and power outage-NorthEast, and me getting sick, sick, sicker, and still sick).
Yes, I know, it seems like Emotional Skyscraper will never ever be uploaded...

Oh yeah! Almost forgot, this piece was played using a half-refined score/sheet made by ME! That's right, so did I actually place the notes there themselves? Nope! I think now I know how DMBN and all those other incredible Japanese ZUN-music-sheet donors make the scores now... hehehehe >:3c

(and the fact that I'm not commenting much on Double Spoiler's music is because it wasn't so good). But only not good compared to StB. It's really good and amazing by itself in a new category, and fits extremely well with the characters and graphics/designs of the new game (which is more than amazing).

Edit for the 3rd time: So yeah about the song, like usual, I couldn't capture the atmosphere of the original, which really makes this song plain and boring. I'm sorry TT

Friday, March 5, 2010

魔法使いの憂鬱 - FlanGoY Flute

I finally uploaded something! It's not one of the bigger pieces I attempt, but that doesn't mean that the piece isn't amazing!
This is one of the latest original music track from ZUN. Although it's not ZUN's line of music CD itself (rather, from the art book), it's still a great piece!