Saturday, March 24, 2012

Status Report~

I really need to update this blog more frequently ._.;
I should just start posting random things about my personal life, which would certainly bring more content here since I don't play the flute as much anymore...

Anyways, I came back home for my vacation and finally decided to dust off and bring out the old setup. And it worked out! I got to record my flute and now I have a video ready to be uploaded :3

BUT I think I'm going to hold off on uploading it till April 1st because... well it's not a (spoiler) touhou song, and I feel like no other day is more appropriate than April Fools' Day. Don't be mad at me :P

For those who want to spoil yourselves, go to this link:
I guess it's a present for reading my dead blog xD

I'll save anything else I have to say until then. Bye :)

EDIT: Removed the old one and put up a new public one. Forgot Youtube rejects duplicate uploads (even if private) so had to retype all the details and tags :(

Have the title as mokou's theme, cause actually playing that on the flute would be awesome (I still can't do the fast parts after the first one;;), and hopefully people will come in excited, then get disappointed. Well, that's the spirit of April Fools day. Hopefully I don't forget to change the title back to a proper one after today :v

As for more uploading, I can't :( It was just a one-time thing and I just barely got this one in...