Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So What Happened...?

As all of those people who read this blog may already be familiar with, all my failures of followup from my determination comes with some reason and excuse.
I-It's not like I got really lazy and never finished finalizing a sheet for myself to play the planned-piece...!
Actually, I developed this very bad THING inside of my mouth (inner lower lip). It started out as a regular bump which is pretty common. But it took longer than usual to go away, and soon it got bigger and turned into like a blister-thing- which now I think is filled with clotted blood (it looks bad, though it doesn't hurt unless you really mess with it).

It's just a little uncomfortable all the time, but playing the flute was obviously not an option.
So I was supposed to leave this morning, just like that, and never touch the flute again for 6 months or so (well, that's not never). Buuuuuut due to a turn of events including getting this THING checked out, I didn't leave. I am also scheduled to get this removed via surgery (a simple one) in the morning and leave right after for the dreadful 16 hour drive. Buuuuuut I'm not sure if that is such a wise action (doctor says it's no problem, but still...), so I MIGHT stay for ANOTHER day. That's 2 days delayed, which is horrendous since it probably won't give me enough time to get accustomed when I'm over there.

Well, I'll see how it turns out.

Nothing TOO big or serious though.

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