Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years

Who would've guessed I'm still here?

First of all, happy new years.

Here's a massive update on what has been going on for... the last 365 days.
I've been busy with my studies (got a job offer which I'm holding off for now, really starting my big round of job search right about now). So with the last semester of college that's coming up I'm probably going to be too busy for anything else.

Another thing: I've been completely sleeping on Touhou. I just checked it out a week ago and found out there's a new game--Impossible Spell Card-- along with a CD release closely following Trojan Green Asteroid (the last touhou-related thing I've check on since). The CD seems to be called Neo-traditionalism of Japan, and I've heard parts of it through arrangements on Youtube. Seriously, there's no copy of the original song on YT :v

Since it was a new years and all, I decided to maybe record and upload something to my channel. I chose to do the final Days theme of ISC- Eternal Short-lived Reign. The first time I heard it, I was immediately reminded of Neo Super Express, which was a piece I've always wanted to do on my channel. I have a vague idea of an arrangement using Eternal Short-lived Reign along with Neo Super Express, Fall of Fall (MoF), and Dullahan Under The Willows (DDC). It's a pretty big mash-up so I thought it'd be pretty cool...

AND THEN I BROUGHT OUT MY FLUTE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR. It was... well, not really gold anymore.
I have no idea what it is, but on perfectly one side of the whole flute (all 3 pieces), there was this thing layer of rust/solidified oil/ or w/e it is. It looked really musty and dulled any gleam in the regular surface of the flute. Besides the surface feeling terribly weird, it played fine though (except for my 1 year rust in skills).
Anyways, I got rid of around 70% of the thing, but it's really hard without any proper cleaning tools like oil. I don't even know my flute-fixing-guy's phone number anymore. I'll see if I can get this thing back to how it was over time.

In short, I was SHOCK and I don't think I'll be recording that any time soon :x

Instead, here's this really long Happy New Years post.

Happy 2015 :D

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eeeeee2011tiger said...

This might have been late but i just found your youtube channel yesterday, and... i think your work is amazing. I'm planning to learn to play the flute in near future and your work really inspiring me, just want to tell you that there's someone have read your blog, have a good day if you can read this, sr if bad english.